Thursday, October 3, 2013

No, I Am Not Drunk. Or A Cyborg, Thank You Very Much.

Writing is hard. Novels are hard, queries are hard, even titles are hard. I have whined about all these things and more, and so have a lot of other whiners writers.

So over at the 'Mus, I posted this special message. A special rainbow glitter cupcake hearts unicorn stickers candy birthday summertime lovey-dovey message.


Let's put this in perspective: I took a Social Attitudes test and only got 50% Tenderness (and 97% Radicalism). My Hogwarts House is Slytherin.

But srsly friends. Writing is HARD. And anyone who does it is AWESOME, is what I'm saying. Is what I said, rather. Over at Emus Debuts. Where you can click to. Clicky click.

This post doesn't have a picture in it yet. Research shows people would rather see posts that have pictures. Fine, here's the only thing on my phone.

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