Thursday, December 19, 2013


Holy cats, internet friends, I am now Officially Official on the MacMillan/St. Martin's Press site. No, really, look here.

Mindset has quickly gone from Woo-hoo! to PANIC! PANIC!

Like, what if people click the Officially Official links to find out what I'm like? And what if they then find out what I'm like?

This is literally the only thing I accomplished yesterday.

OK, OK. Here are some reasons why I am a Grown-Up, Professional person worthy of Note and not a pajama-clad cat whisperer worthy of scorn and contempt.

Exhibit A:

This recent holiday post over at EMUs Debuts, in which I discuss FREAKING ULYSSES. That's right. Me and Joyce's great modern novel, wobbling brains in unison. So scholarly.

You'll note I had to do extensive Wikipedia research in order to know what to put in the yellow box.
Exhibit B:

I have recently begun participating in blog interviews to promote my upcoming novel. I have answered questions in a measured and professional manner, and not one interview contains the phrase, "Mass Effect 3."

Come say hi! Because srsly, it makes me feel like rainbows and glitter ponies and marshmallow gumdrop potatoes when people leave comments. Even if the comment is, "You suck." Well, maybe not then. Unless there was, like, a funny picture with it or something. Like a glitter marshmallow pony wearing a t-shirt that says, "You suck." That would be okay, I guess.

Click below to see my rad interviews:

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OneFour KidLit -- Adi Rule: STRANGE SWEET SONG (Sh*t, this one totally mentions Mass Effect 3.)

Exhibit C:

I have a website! With pages and information and a contact form and pictures and a book trailer!

Exhibit D:

There is no longer an army of tiny spiders living in my bathroom. There are only a handful of very large spiders.