Friday, May 6, 2011


My dad drove me to the Big City yesterday to hear the concert I was singing in, for which I could only wear one shoe, but that's another story. In the car, I finally broke the news that Hollywood is going to be releasing Cowboys vs. Aliens. This made him pensive. What was to become of our incomplete masterpiece, Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs? I suggested he read my inspiring blog post about Brahms, and he said, "Oh, I looked at that. Something about wattles." (It's okay.  He said the same thing about Ulysses.)

But we were not to be deterred by Hollywood. This is the actual ensuing conversation that I wrote down immediately after it happened, on the back of a hotel room key envelope:

My Dad:  No, it should be dinosaurs versus . . . those little things in Madagascar.
Me:  Lemurs?
MD:  Yeah.  Dinosaurs versus Lemurs.
Me:  That would be a pretty short movie.
MD: . . . Or just lemurs.
Me: . . .
MD:  Lemurs versus everything.


At this point, as you can see, I became distracted by imagining Lemurs vs. Everything, and also by wondering why I had a hotel room key envelope in my backpack since I haven't stayed in a hotel in recent memory.  But my dad was still going on, and I did catch the words "mastodon" and "Formula One."


  1. OMG...You are your mother's daughter! And how appropriate to announce your latest endeavor just before Mothers' Day! You are a GENIUS!

  2. Oh...btw, welcome to the Blog-O-Sphere.

  3. Thanks so much, Edy! <3 I'm enjoying the Blog-O-Sphere very much. I'll have to get a post up here about my mum sometime . . .

  4. I'm thinking in the end, the viruses will kick the Lemurs' butts.