Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nissan 370z: Not Even In Rainbowland

I'm not a car fanatic, but I appreciate a Lotus or a Ferrari when I see one.

One car I'm particularly fond of is the Nissan 370z. I don't care that Nissan doesn't have a Formula 1 team, or that its cars aren't hand made by someone's Lederhosen-wearing grandfather. The 370z is very snazzy.  And hey, the boys at Top Gear even called it a "performance car bargain."

You know you love it.
My dad, however, is all about Porsche. For him, life comes in two categories: Porsche and Not Porsche.

We saw a 370z on the road the other day.
My Dad: Yeah, it's a cute little car. And the good thing is, they lose their value really quickly, so you could probably afford a second-hand one in a few years.
Me: How do you figure that? I can't even finance a gumball.
MD: Well, everything's possible in Happy Candy Cane Rainbowland.

This is what my father thinks the inside of my head looks like.
Me: Wait a minute . . . assuming I'll be living in Happy Candy Cane Rainbowland, why couldn't I afford a new 370z?
MD: You don't make enough. But maybe you can ride around with your unicorn friends. They can afford new cars.
Me: Why do my unicorn friends have money? Where do they work? They don't even have thumbs!
MD: They inherited their money.

And there you have it. No new Nissan for me. Unless I marry into a wealthy unicorn family.


  1. You're so frigging funny, Adi. Happy Candy Cane Rainbowland sounds like my kind of place. And BTW...MMMMM...egg sandwich.

  2. I long for a world where we can all live in Happy Candy Cane Rainbowland. And eat egg sandwiches all day.