Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bad(ass) Review: The Yearling

I'm so proud that, not only is this Bad(ass) Review vintage and therefore more valuable, it comes from a member of my very own family. A lot of the family books have been coming to us lately from my grandmother, who is now only into reading the jokes in old Readers' Digests (which is exactly where I plan to be at 80). Among the Balzacs was this:

Run! Run while you still can!

The Yearling, as you know, is Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' 1938 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about HE SHOOTS THE DEER. For some reason, I decided to leaf through it instead of disposing of it properly (in a lake of children's tears), and I came across the following messages from the past:

In case you can't read them, on page 210 is penciled:
"This Book is no good."
"It is to its good for birds"

And on page 211, the reviewer simply wrote:
"This is a crumby book"

Good on you, ancestors. You were truly badass reviewers.

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  1. awesome as always, who knew that the literary thing went back that far