Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What if Writers Were Rockstars?

Okay, so, yes, I know writers are cool. All my writer friends are very cool. But it just seems like the badass characters and fantasy worlds and new slang and life-changing social commentary get all the cred, while the minds they came from are forced to wander the earth in grandma sweaters and tasteful suits.

If you saw Zane Grey on the street, for instance, you probably wouldn't even recognize him.

image by Wikipedia
Yes, that's a baby koala.

However, if you ran into Dorian Gray, you'd probably --

I'm sorry, what? I seem to have lost my . . .
my train of . . . something.

I was looking at some guitar magazines recently, and man, those guys are cool. They sling their greasy hair around like it ain't no thing while shredding on their Fenders (check out my research), and nakedly parade themselves like the supermodels they aren't. And it's not just the musicians; the whole culture of Guitar is cool -- models, strings, picks, amps, pedals, software, accessories, bands, fashion.

I want to say . . . Tom?
I don't know, I can't tell anyone in the Doobie Brothers apart.
So why can't writing be cool, too?

I've decided to launch a MEGA MEDIA BLITZ CAMPAIGN MOVEMENT to promote the fact that writers are just as cool as rockstars.

Phase 1: Come up with a hashtag!

Tweet your writing rockstar moments #writingisforrockstars

Woke up 2 PBR cans & Moleskines everywhere. #writingisforrockstars

Phase 2: Photoshop stuff!

Create writing rockstar ads! Share them with the world!

Okay, I actually don't have Photoshop anymore since I somehow managed to damage it so badly it refused to work again. But I do have Gimp, which is kind of just as good. And free. Go figure. Here are some I did this morning:

Let me know and I'll post them on this blog!



  1. I knew I was a rock star when a first grader said, "You're an author and my name is Arthur."

  2. I have no memory of the above incident or of posting the above comment. Someone has hacked my Blogger identity.


  3. hate to tell you if I met Zane grey on the street I'd be worried about the coming Zombie apocalypse were as meeting a fictional character not near as disturbing

  4. I guess it's weighing getting lost in his eyes against him losing your eyes after he eats your brain.

  5. I recently went to the Zane Grey museum on the Delaware River and saw pictures of him fishing. Can guys wearing hip boots be rockstars anyway?

  6. I think hip boots would be more of an underground indie thing; way cooler. Unless he were ONLY wearing hip boots.

    Hip boots and a sock.

    Hey, that could be the name of a blog!

  7. I changed my pen name to a punctuation mark. Because that's how ; rolls.