Thursday, September 5, 2013

Head on a Pike, or The Upward Spiral

Over at the 'Mus, or as the non-hep people say, Emus Debuts, I've whined about the guilt that comes with signing a contract.

My contract. Hahaha!
No, srsly, that's my actual contract.
So, you know, feel free to click on over and give it the eyeball. Or if you fear uncharted waters and would prefer to stay here where it's safe, here are some random photos from my phone to entertain you (also, stop going through my garbage):

A picture of the word "condiments" on a menu that I sent to my friend Lauren who hates condiments.

Rainbow pegasus unicorn I drew that has recently surfaced at my grandmother's house.

A picture sent to me by my parents of warm cookies they were about to enjoy while I was in another state subsisting on cafeteria food.


My grandmother's red markered glee that she beat me at Farkle. Surprise!

A squirrel who really wanted my lunch.

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